Irvine, California, USA Matregenix Inc., a California-based technology company announces the signing of a license agreement with Viamer Biosciences (formerly known as 21MedTech). The agreement allows Matregenix to use Vaimer’s novel resin polymer in development of new dental barrier membrane for guided bone regeneration. According to the agreement, Viamer will grant to Matregenix an exclusive, world-wide license, under the Proprietary Rights to make, use, offer to sell products in the specific field of dental barrier membranes for indications in periodontal diseases and guided tissue and bone regeneration.

“We have been collaborating with Viamer Biosciences since 2018. I personally believe that Viamer is offering a unique solution for regenerative medicine through the development of new class of bio-resorbable materials. The barrier membrane market is shifting to resorbable membranes from a synthetic origin; however, deficiencies in first-generation materials (e.g., polylactide and glycolic based materials have unpredictable resorption rate and generation of acidic by products) have slowed adoption. Introducing a new synthetic membrane that overcome these issues would have a significant positive impact over the field of guided bone regeneration.” stated Dr. Sherif Soliman, Founder and CEO of Matregenix.

“While the evolution of tissue regeneration has continued for the past several decades, the number of polymers that are appropriate for this market has remained essentially stagnant. The industry has continued to rely on the small number of off-the-shelf resorbable materials. Our current technology offerings at Viamer include our range resorbable resins, offers a combination of unprecedented properties that overcomes the limitations of today’s resorbable materials and will especially add value to Matregenix’s new barrier membrane product.” stated Dr. Matthew Becker, Founder and CSO and Director of Viamer Biosciences.

“Utilizing Viamer’s materials with our proprietary nanofiber platform technology can become the solution for many unmet medical needs. The dental membrane product will set the foundation for other advancements that will address these challenges, especially in soft-tissue repair market.” stated Ed O’Sullivan, General Counsel of Matregenix.

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Matregenix Inc. is a California-based technology company that designs, develops, and manufactures highly tunable nanofibrous materials adaptable to the customized needs in a wide range of applications.

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Contact Person Name: Sherif Soliman

Company: Matregenix, Inc.


Location: Irvine, California, USA